Multifamily design lives in the minds and hearts of the staff at Jeebs & Zuzu. Our staff have been involved in multifamily housing from the very beginnings of their careers. This combined level of expertise spans several decades and includes the development, design, renovation, review, and oversight of many thousand units within the State of New Mexico. Our multifamily experience spans from market rate to affordable units and encompasses urban and rural infill projects. We have worked with several public and Indian housing authorities as well as private-for profit, and non-profit developers. We know housing and very much enjoy the construction intricacies, cost matrixes, code challenges, and market needs of the multifamily industry. Multifamily development is a wonderful balancing act, and great projects rival the greatest of ballets. To help create a successful multifamily project, the architect must elegantly interweave the desires of the market, the area restrictions of the site, the demands of local zoning ordinances, the square footage rental rates, and the costs impacts that a simple product selection can have when multiplied over 150 units. Maximizing the revenue of a project against the cost of construction while maintaining a svelte development budget and at the same time increasing its desirability within the market is no small feat. The challenges of these paradoxes make multifamily design so much fun.
Growing Trend
Growing Trends According to the Census Bureau’s quarterly Housing Vacancy Survey, the number of empty rental units has decreased greatly in the last two years. With fewer units available, multi-family housing is poised to steadily continue to grow, a challenge that we as builders and designers are prepared to take investment and delivering satisfaction for our partners, associates, and residents. Out-of-state developers hiring out-of-state builders to expand and build new projects is shifting as well, as developers are realizing the benefits of hiring local builders and contractors. More jobs are created within the community where the projects are being built as a result of this trend and more geographic familiarity and awareness is considered in not only the design process but also in the execution of the construction, which has a very positive affect on th environment and the bottom line. We can be the administrator of that positive affect on your community and your budget.
Renovation As a full service design and engineering company, and as individuals, we have developed a tremendous amount of experience, expertise, and specialized training. We are experts in the multi-family housing industry with sophisticated planning and programming process to meet funding needs of government programs such as HUD and MFA financial projects. Low income and senior housing built for both private developers as well as public housing authorities are often government funded projects. Great emphasis is being placed on government reconstruction of the multi-family housing industry, focusing on tax credits given to developers and financial assistance to renters that are in need of those benefits. This is wonderful for our economy, as it will create more jobs and more options for many families. We are also intimately familiar with multi-family housing renovation projects the require extensive code compliance upgrades for ADA accessible units. Renovating existing buildings and leading the way towards being environmentally and socially responsible is a wonderful thing for our communities as multi-family housing projects provide a means of options for relatively higher density of people live together facilitated with more effective delivery of public services and infrastructure, such as trash removal and sewer systems, which can then be supplied at lower per-unit cost creating affordable living for working families. Engaging in LEED, energy efficient projects is an important and integral step as well, and in some cases, excellent leverage to help a project get funded and move forward. Jeebs&Zuzu can help create an opportunity to successfully engage in a more lucrative and environmentally sound project,as we are well-versed in LEED, energy efficient products, and methods of construction. Our in-house, lead architect is LEED certified since 2005. Jeebs&Zuzu is excited to be a part of an effort to design great spaces that make people happy and make sense economically and environmentally.
Build/Design Isn’t it great when things just work? One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept to the final product. Design/Build has always been an accelerated trend over the last 15 years in the United States, as it is a delivery method for design and construction that saves time, money, and hassle. Our experience and understanding of the construction side of projects puts us in a place to be sought after by other contractors, as they appreciate working with a firm that provides unhindered and concise methods of working, while fully embracing a team work approach that involves the client and investor’s needs and budget as the groundwork on which the project is built. Our professional guidance with not only design and construction but also with code compliance will allow your project to be conducted with the utmost care and attention to detail, leading to a well executed, on time and within budget project. Jeebs & Zuzu is also proficient in BIM (building information modeling), making visualization and the alliance between designers and builders into a team, working seamlessly together and in turn delivering a better project to investors.