Small Business
Truly, the strength of our country and the strength of our economies must be measured by the strengths of our small businesses. The small business sector lead the nation in putting Americans back to work after the recession. The small business sector continually adds more new jobs to the economy than large businesses. The small business sector employs more Americans than large corporations. We LOVE small businesses! We ARE small business! Living and breathing in these waters, we have learned a thing or two, and having worked with other small businesses, we’ve learned from them and their experiences too. We experience the lifestyle (and lack of life and sometimes lack of style) that accompanies small business ownership, and we understand that much gets overlooked, not because you don’t want to be an expert on every single subject, but because you simply don’t have time. Guess what!? That’s why we’re here!! We’re here to help remind you of things like: “Your physical space should be an extension of your Brand;” “Productivity has much more to do with Empowerment and Autonomy than to-do lists;” and “Location-location-location means nothing if no one notices you’re there.” We are especially methodical with our small business clients and have developed a program that helps business owners step back and look at their business with fresh eyes…. And then make good decisions that will ensure the continued success of their business. We really are here to help, so when you have questions about your space, your operations, or your options… “Who you gonna call?! GhostBust…. Er… Jeebs & Zuzu!!!”